November 20th – Trajik1

November 20th – Trajik1

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]November 20th – Trajik1

?01. Blank Cards (Intro)
??02. November Rain
??03. Karma
?04. Breathe f. Nathan Murphee
??05. Hate Myself
?06. Don’t Cry For Me
?07. Daddy
?08. Another Life f. Nathan Murphee
?09. All That Matters
?10. Missed Our Shot (Outro)
Lets point at the good, the theme of this project, and the production is a solid. Now the bad, the absolute reason this project is lowkey unlistenable is the way this dude raps. Its upsetting because its like having the perfect recipe and the salt shaker lid falls off into it all. His delivery is just not smooth and not in the pocket. He raps like he counts bars by taking his shoes off to get to 16. Whole bunch of forced extra words, sloppy syllables, terrible flows, zero pocket but all the confidence. Like I want to say it sounds like he was reading off his phone but it sounds more like he had siri read his bars to him and memorized her whole flow, word for word bar for bar. Its a shame because it really takes you out of it. A masterclass on flow and using words and voices as an instrument can go a long way.
.3/10 – John D.


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