30 – Adele

30 – Adele

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?01. Strangers By Nature
?02. Easy On Me
?03. My Little Love
?04. Cry Your Heart Out
?05. Oh My God
?06. Can I Get It
?07. I Drink Wine (Women gonna run this one up)
?08. All Night Parking (with Erroll Garner) Interlude
?09. Woman Like Me (this too men gon hate this)
?10. Hold On
?11. To Be Loved
?12. Love Is A Game
Project made me feel a bunch of things. Sad, happy, like drinking, guilty, and like pointing fingers. This was dope, shes the real deal. The story being told on this is so honest but what really makes it its told with so much talent. If she just spoken worded this over some silent jazz or snapping fingers it would have still hit. The pacing, the ups and downs, the soul, the variety of soul as far as the production she is just letting her lungs loose on is crazy. The whole time I was bopping around, with goosebumps wondering why am I crying. The sound is timeless. Most main streamers are hyped or industry plants but besides her just dropping music and dipping on us but also dropping weight and flexing she really does let her talent speak for itself. All our mommas, g mommas, and sisters gonna love this. In rotation.
10/10 – John D.


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