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Dragon – Young Smoke Lee

Dragon – Young Smoke Lee


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Dragon – Young Smoke Lee
🆗1. Inspyred (Intro) f. IAMxLOVE
🌊2. Nothin’ On My Wrist
🌊3. Houdini
👍🏾4. Blue Wasabi
👍🏾5. Fix Yo Face
🆗6. Caution
👎🏾7. Origami
😴8. Big Wavy
🆗9. Geronimo (Outro)
Lets get the good out there, dude can rap a bit and the whole last dragon theme spoke to me. Outside of that this project shoulda been better than it was. Allot of repeat flows, hooks etc that felt like he was just stuck in a comfortable bag. Production was solid but it also got to a point where they all sounded vaguely familiar. I respect not having too many features but sometimes if you cannot provide that contrast it can only help. This project needed a tiny bit of help, just one sprinkle of salt to get it up there. Instead things just felt played out like a overcooked steak, its good because its steak but you start to get bored from chewing some more and then realize this is the only reason A1 exists. Pass on this one but hes not far from a dope project, the elements are there.
4/10 – John D.
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