Kon, Vol. 1 – Konfident

Kon, Vol. 1 – Konfident

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Kon, Vol. 1 – Konfident

?1. Shock Therapy
??2. Designated Driver
??3. Medicine f. Destruct & SilvanGold
?4. No Other Way f. GLion & GOBLIN
?5. The Jab f. Guilty Simpson & Duke Westlake
?6. Self Hate
?7. El Fin
Project aint bad, it starts off a bit boring and slow but after the first 3 you get on board with it. Pacing wise it takes time, but once it goes, you got some good elder head raps, some content, gritty flows and dope features. Hook on track 4 is a whole bop. As a whole it coulda had a few extra ears on it before dropping but overall I am not mad at it. Get rid of the first 3 tracks and you have a dope easily loopable EP. Since thats not the case, project suffers a bit.
6/10 – John D.


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