The Realest – Dee Cisneros

The Realest – Dee Cisneros

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Realest – Dee Cisneros

?01. Only One To Blame
??02. Aint new 2 the game f. ?Loco Gunna
?03. Bulletproof Soul
?04. Product of the varrio f. Big Tone
??05. Took Its Toll
??06. Northern Cali summer f. Ginger
?07. On Me
?08. Back N the days
?09. Letter To My Son
?10. Quit frontin f. Rico 2 smoove
?11. True Colors
??12. My Brothers Keeper (loudest mix on the project)
Project is ok, its not bad just doesnt go past, Im known in the streets, I grew up in the streets, and Im still in the streets. It will hit for sure in that sense but outside of that its the same thing just said differently on each track over the same like 3 beats. Not to say its bad its def slightly above average but it doesnt do much for pacing, content, and the features pretty much go with the flow of the project which doesnt change. This one of those ones that def lit his hood on fire but overall this could use a lil more seasoning and risks. Not bad tho. I wouldnt be mad at this if someone put it on or let it loop. I just wouldnt be out here like “YO THROW THAT SHIT ON”.
6.5/10 – John D.


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