World’s Biggest Idiot – Kreayshawn

World’s Biggest Idiot – Kreayshawn

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]World’s Biggest Idiot – Kreayshawn

?1. Beat My Ass
?2. Beat My Ass (RNR Demon Remix)
?3. Bone Zone
?4. Bone Zone (RNR Demon Remix)
?5. Glizzy McGuire
?6. Glizzy McGuire (MURDER CLUB Remix)
?7. The Mom Song f. Christina P.
?8. The Mom Song f. Christina P [Yung Skrrt Remix]
Project is ass but in a special way. Its got moments where I was laughing but overall this is like finding that very cringy corny side of Tik Tok sprinkled with a tablespoon of clout and a pinch of see what they do for views. Its awful not music, its like some just upset person who got in on the early stages of clout and stayed relevant somewhat after trying to capitalize but they are super fed up a decade or so later. Its not good, its only funny because how bad it is (Mom Song was highkey actually funny) and honestly im upset this was submitted. My whole year ruined now and its November. This project can be thrown way out. We need a law on these foreign white lady’s in hip hop, her and Iggy both are the cause of global warming.
0/10 – John D.


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