Grumpy Old Man 2 – Maddog Mcgraw

Grumpy Old Man 2 – Maddog Mcgraw

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??1. Grumpy Old Man 2
?2. Meanest Muthafucka Alive
?3. Black Man’s Castle
??4. Intimidation 3
?5. The Day You Die
?6. Pre Rolls & Mason Jars
?7. Krampus
?8. Where’s My Belt 2
?9. Gods Mistake
Project is a good time. Elder head city. If “fuck them kids” was a project. To start, shout out to Sam Da Grouch for the absolutely fire production, he did not skip a beat, no pun intended. Then you have Maddog just giving us them “get off my lawn” raps that I highkey loved. The pettier he got the more I was enjoying myself. Hes got an old school flow that might turn some off but I promise you the shit he is talking about and some of these funny and catchy hooks will make you a believer. I found myself laughing allot and honestly agreeing with most of the shit he was saying. If you listen to this and dont end up 10 years older then its most likely you lost hearing in that aging process or you might be too far gone in this weird soft world. In rotation.
7.8/10 – John D.


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