Rich Shooter – Young Nudy

Rich Shooter – Young Nudy

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??01. Keep It In The Street
??02. Old School
?03. Battlefield (feat. 21 Lil Harold)
?04. Wicked For The Money (feat. 2feetBino)
??05. Know How I Rock (feat. Peewey Longway)
?06. Bodies on Bodies
?07. All My Niggas
?08. No Disrespect
?09. How I Eat
??10. On The Curb
??11. Green Bean
??12. Trap Shit (feat. Future??)
?13. How They Label Me
??14. I Can’t Change
??15. Money To Spend
?16. We Do Not Give Up
?17. Addicted
?18. One In The Head
?19. Can’t Clone Me
?20. Fish Scale (feat. Gucci Mane)
If there are tiers to Atlanta rappers Young Nudy at the lowest of the lowest. Like whatever is the lowest tier, he’s below that. Let me say the positive from this album: the beats are the bright spot. That’s it. Other than that throw this entire album away. Like if you had the chance to throw anything into the sun this album should be a top 3 choice. The lyrics were basic mumble rap I get money I sell drugs I take drugs raps. He spoke before every song as if to hype himself up to say wack shit. I’m going to wash my ears out with soap…..
1/10 – LP


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