333 – Tinashe

333 – Tinashe

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?01. Let Go
?02. I Can See The Future
?03. X (feat. Jeremih)
??04. Shy Guy
?05. Bouncin
??06. Unconditional
?07. Angels (feat. Kaash Paige)
?08. 333 (feat. Absolutely)
?09. Undo (feat. Wax Motif)
?10. Let Me Down Slowly
?11. Last Call
?12. The Chase
?13. Pasadena (feat. Buddy)
?14. Small Reminders
??15. Bouncin pt2
?16. It’s A Wrap (feat. Quiet Child & KUDZAI)
First off just want to congratulate my ex girlfriend for making it, knew you had it in you babe ?. With that out the way, she really did her thing on this album. Pacing was real smooth, the production was dope af and the features all showed up. This album def sounded like Chris Brown wrote it but I’m not made at it. I remember when she used to sing to me and rub my back so bare with me as I put this in rotation and reminisce.
8/10 – LP


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