South Sinner Street – Solemn Brigham

South Sinner Street – Solemn Brigham

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?01. Keep the Hope
?02. Vantablack
?03. Vice North
?04. Dirty Whip
??05. My Way
?06. Bigger World
?07. Kingville
?08. Sometimes You Lose
?09. The Lore f. Marlowe
?10. Couple Towns
?11. Future Brutha
?12. Nothing Left
??13. Left Feet
Project is a great time. One thing that held this back from damn near being a 10 is track 5 and 13, and some of his undercooked hooks. Outside of that you have fire production, all the breathy raps, just endless raps, dope and real punchlines and for the most part very solid pacing. Mix is clean and him weaving from meaningful lines to saucy lines to some lowkey small victory type shit works for me. To really give this life a small handful of features would’ve brought a very dope contrast but honestly he does this by himself and does a great job at that. This is something that anyone can get behind, like all a hater could say is maybe they don’t like his voice but you cannot deny this is dope music. In rotation for sure. This that pass me the Aux type music.
8.8/10 – John D.


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