Borealis – Black Baethoven

Borealis – Black Baethoven


Borealis – Black Baethoven
?01. Seaside Paradise f. Dr. G
?02. Gold Plated f. Xeno (song made me think I was having a stroke)
?03. Don’t Make Me
??04. Ryan’s Angels
?05. Peace of You
??06. Lately
?07. Hideaway f. Dev Terez
??‍♀️08. If You Got It
?09. Don’t Trip f. Korahirun
?10. Drip Lab
?11. Work Tools
?12. Missed Calls
?13. Cloudy Daze
Project is solid, you have some refreshing production, allot of dope switches between double time, singy rap and just back to back songs aiming for a way larger sound than most. Heavy pop influence but has its grounds in the streets as well on a very new age level. I wasn’t mad at it, the content was simple and solid as well. What greatly took away from this was the mix, tho it was consistent, it just didn’t feel like something that would play on the radio even if it had all of the elements, I kept turning it up to make sure it wasn’t my system, and it really took away from the experience. Features were here too and foreign as hell one dude took me a min to realize he wasn’t speaking english, but either way they worked. Project is in rotation for sure but this is in dire need of a remaster to really get the full effect that this deserves.
6.5/10 – John D.


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