The Architectz EP – JRoberts

The Architectz EP – JRoberts


The Architectz EP – JRoberts
?1. The Architechtz (Intro) f. Eizlo
??2. DarkSide f. Eizlo
?3. From the Mud f. Eizlo
?4. Lo Checking In f. Eizlo
??5. Money f. Eizlo
??6. Jrob Signing Out
Out the gate these dudes can rap and they both sound unique enough to give you that contrast. They were snapping too just rapping they ass off and its wild agro testosterone raps. Unfortunately this doesnt fully carry this, you have some weak hooks, and some even weaker beats that take away from this and give this project a very just low quality feel. It gives it this very “im angry and live in a dark room” vibe which nobody needs right now. Pacing is ok it gets better as it goes but you still find those little issues. Its short so if this your vibe you can loop this but I cant see people grabbing more than 1 or 2 tracks from this. A better beat or 2, a tiny bit more polish and seasoning on this would take them a long way.
6/10 – John D.


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