Love and Other Drugs – The Dark Mic

Love and Other Drugs – The Dark Mic


Love and Other Drugs – The Dark Mic
?01. First Dose, First Love (I liked everything but the raps)
?02. Dope
?03. Placebos f. Anna Y.C.
?04. Dead Love f. ?Mike Theodore
??05. Too F****d Up
??06. Good Die Young f. Jess Hurley
?07. Sertraline
?08. Leaving Paris
??09. Lead Aspirin
??10. The Takeback f. A-F-R-O
?11. Twelve Steps f. ?Antonia Marquee
?12. Love and War f. ?Joe Borowsky
This project was mixed by someone who is legally deaf or a terror to society. Its like this dude gave him all these stiff raps over dope beats and the producer was like “im finna add every effect to make this sound off and like ass”. Makes me wonder was the villain Dark himself? Find out on the next episode of dragonball cheeks. You got dope production, and what hes rapping about is solid but EVERYTHING ELSE was so hard to listen to (minus a few features). I know dude is talking about self realization, traumas, drugs and drinking problems but highkey after this I needed a drink, maybe even a meeting. The energy here was just very stiff and came off boring, like imagine someone who is in they teens on tik tok trying to tell you to better your life but they just hitting puberty so they gotta fake deep they voice. Same energy. Stiff amateur flow, some cringey “mom look what I just said” punches, a decent story sometimes but yeae overall this is tough to digest. Invest in a engineer who is dope but will also tell you that your delivery was ass.
1/10 – John D.
?01. First Dose, First Love
??02. Dope
?03. Placebos (feat. Anna Y.C.)
?04. Dead Love (feat. Mike Theodore)
??05. Too F’d Up
?06. Good Die Young (feat. Jess Hurley)
?07. Sertraline
?08. Leaving Paris
?09. Lead Aspirin
??10. The Takeback (feat. A-F-R-O)
?11. Twelve Steps (feat. Antonio Marquee)
?12. Love And War (feat. Joe Borowsky)
Have you ever watched wild’n’out? You know when Chico Bean and Karlous do the old school battle rap? This entire album feels like a homage to that. Like idk if this is a parody or homie is deadass. The production sucked air out the room like who mixes half assed? The pacing was like watching a cartoon where it’s a new episode but they still wearing last weeks clothes. The bars were like “show me you can rap without really trying to rap”. Idk if dude is trolling my ears or he’s serious af but either way I don’t want to know….don’t bother listening it’s not worth your time.
0.01/10 – LP


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