Izzsomnia – Unordinaryizz

Izzsomnia – Unordinaryizz


Izzsomnia – Unordinaryizz
??01. Bout My Biz
?02. Finisher Sinister
?03. In This Bih
?04. Ay Dios Mio
?05. Up Late
??06. Off the Meter
?07. No Wishing
?08. I-95
?09. Infinity
??10. Broom Moves
?11. Gambler
Project is a mess. Out the gate the content is not what you are here for, this new age typical stuff which can be fine if everything else comes together. That doesn’t happen here, to state some positive he has a solid voice, and can string together some flows and such. That being said, the production, the pacing and the mixes could’ve sat in the oven for a lot longer. Lots of empty spots, production needed a bit more to get it there, his verses could’ve used a bit more, features too. From the intro you just get this very amateur feeling like this was thrown together real quick and there wasn’t much love or back tracking etc etc. The thing that gets me is a small amount of love could’ve made this decent. We can throw this next to the soundcloud rapper compost pile.
3/10 – John D.


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