Golden Ticket – The Real D.C.D.R

Golden Ticket – The Real D.C.D.R


Golden Ticket – The Real D.C.D.R
?01. Welcome to Golden Ticket
?02. I Told You, I’m Here
?03. Ticket Booth f. ?Dre Person
?04. Grow f. KT The God
?05. I Know Now
?06. New Wave
?07. On the Real f. Una the Uno
?08. Chances
??09. What You Want (W.Y.W)
??10. Golden Ticket
?11. Switch f. Rello XD
?12. Beast from the East
??13. Hottie f. WhoJunior
?14. Big Steppa f. Lowe Maceo
??15. Born as a Winner
?16. Man with a Plan
?17. Loko
?18. We Lit f. Anomiii
?19. Chess Moves f. PowerZay
?20. Home
Project lowkey hurt itself. Dude can rap, even sing a bit and can put together some solid music. Problem is he don’t know how to put some things aside or split his work. Individually you have solid songs, solid hooks, raps and even some features. As an entire project it doesn’t work, it turns into a copy and paste fest, with some of the copy’s not being as good as what happened before or the content just repeating itself. Hearing someone rap about being Lit already causes cancer but in like 5-6 different ways, like im just here for a good time not a long time. Once that starts to click for you, you realize you have 10 more songs left, and it really takes. you out of it. Project could’ve easily been 4 dope ep’s or 2 solid albums easily with some specific song choices in the right order. Instead its a pile of mix and matched music that to save yourself some time you chalk most up to throwaways. Like cleaning out your wardrobe.
6/10 – John D.


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