Provenance – Lucky Tatt

Provenance – Lucky Tatt


Provenance – Lucky Tatt
?01. Old School at noon
?02. Konflicted f. Planet Asia
?03. Transition
??04. Answer to a question
?05. Sit Back f. ??Josy
?06. Energy
?07. Emotions
??08. Welcome…
?09. Second hand
?10. The vibes
Project is mids. He can rap a bit but thats really it, he knows how to rap. His flow is a bit dated and he doesnt take many risks. What hes saying is dope but the lack of switching up and the slight stiffness takes away from it all. The production is solid for sure but everything all together just comes off as quiet. Planet did his thing, solid feature, but that Josy homegirl was not it. This lowkey was putting me to sleep at points and really didnt wow me or give me a reason to want to invest. It has moments but for the most part it just comes off as dated and a bit bland. I didnt hate it but I also did not love it. Lil hot sauce. on this would do it favors.
6/10 – John D.


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