Free – Eternia & Rel McCoy

Free – Eternia & Rel McCoy


Free – Eternia & Rel McCoy
?01. Free (The Intro) (feat. SHEAL)
?02. From99 (feat. Wordsworth & Manny)
?03. Home (feat. Shad & SHEAL)
?04. Cycles
?05. The Story of Us (feat. Mr. Lif & Eliki)
?06. Most PPL
?07. Praise
?08. Grow
?09. All the Men (feat. Phoenix Pagliacci)
?10. Wonderful World
?11. Secrets (feat. Mr. Lif)
?12. Let No Dream Fall
No disrespect to the artists on here but the features were not even needed, they all did they thing but I would’ve been 10000% ok with it just being Eternia, we def can keep all the DJ cuts and such too. This production here is so dope and clean, the variety will keep you in tune. The raps tho, this is what you are here for, she comes on here to snap, and snap she does, just imagine an anime fight closing punch barrage of just food and medicine raps. Flow, cadence, substance, and all were on point and really never ended. This is harmony between a producer and emcee, the vibe of it all, the pacing, the content and the amount of praise added to it really came together. This is a full and complete body of work. Shout out to the ladies out here fucking RAPPING! In rotation.
8.7/10 – John D.


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