I Still Love H.E.R. – Cymarshall Law

I Still Love H.E.R. – Cymarshall Law


I Still Love H.E.R. – Cymarshall Law
??01. Intro to H.E.R.
?02. MF LAW f. DJ Phillip Lee
?03. I Still Love H.E.R. f. Venomous2000 & Kafeeno
?04. 4 Jersey
?05. Innocence of Love f. Dynasty of Kafeeno
?06. For the Love (No Cap) f. U.G. Of the Cella Dwellas & Kafeeno
??07. The Voice of Hip Hop (Nyaris Poem)
?08. The Normal New (Growing Up in the Pandemic)
?09. Electric BBoy f. DJ Wally Styles
?10. The Incredibles f. Grafh & DJ GI JOE
?11. Creators f. Kafeeno
?12. Spit it Dad (King’s Revenge)
Dudes energy is wild. He sound like one of them short cats that punch first. Highkey tho thats a full on summary of this projects energy, its old school in a sense that its not trying to be hard, it just knows where it stands and what its been through. The production goes back and forth from knocker to smooth, all with the right amount of stereo texture. The features all showed up and highkey amplified the tracks they were on, and the main event of this is Law. He was out here rapping like Hip Hop had a time limit and was about to run out. Relevant raps, punchlines, relatable raps, all of it was here and in plenty. You got some solid hooks whether he was fronting it or homeboy who featured a million times singing. The pacing was solid because amongst its true nature to the culture it kept to the same theme and story of what he loves. This is a love letter to hip hop, but written by someone who doesn’t have the best handwriting. In rotation.
7.9/10 – John D.


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