Welp – Ceo.wav & Ja-P

Welp – Ceo.wav & Ja-P


Welp – Ceo.wav & Ja-P
?01. Been Before
?02. Dirty Laundry
?03. Bullseye
?04. The Way It Was
?05. 222
?06. Helping Hand
?07. Ghidorah f. Kwallah, The God
?08. The Red Sea
?09. Get a Grip
?10. Done
The contrast on here is it, it is what you need to make undeniable heat. You got very exciting, stereo aggressive, just crunchy beats even if its doing some new age shit your speakers will bump and if you driving a hoopty your car will crumble. Then you have 2 very dope rap voices, one higher pitch wild one, and one more aggressive stern one just fucking snapping, rapping they ass off just flows, and bars all over. Then to top it off you got some clean ass auto tune singing and hooks, this project was made with love but also with a huge chip on its shoulder and a blind determination not to fail. The pacing, the switching between vibes and sounds, the content, this was dope. This is that fine line between heartbroken and fuck boy type raps. You got mainstream sound but better, you got innovation, some risk, but honestly just good music. You cant deny this project. In rotation.
9.5/10 – John D.


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