Same Old Me – Scrooge Owens

Same Old Me – Scrooge Owens


Same Old Me – Scrooge Owens
?01. Same Old Me
?02. Crazy
?03. Right Here
?04. The Run Down
?05. Crime Scene
?06. Semi
?07. Angry
?08. Body Bag (Sumthin’)
?09. Dancefloor (mad extra space at the end)
?10. Thugs Prayer
This the hood boogeyman that scary gangstas have nightmares about. He sound like Yung Buck if he was from NY and not on no silly online shit. The production is solid, got a bit of a slow 90’s type feel to it with a new age type twist. Its somehow gritty but smooth at the same time. Then you have him on this rapping his ass off, doing hooks, even getting his sing on. All raspy, all dirty street shit, hood stories and prayers. He can rap, and his cadence and delivery works with the content. Pacing is solid, this couldve benefited with a few features and a tiny bit more flair but either way its straight to the point if you want something with its eyes to the street. Its short too so the replay value here. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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