Truth Be Told – Illadel

Truth Be Told – Illadel


Truth Be Told – Illadel
?01. Monoliths
?02. Foundation
?03. Dodeca (Prelude)
?04. Most Inside
?05. Ma’at
?06. Sixty Seven Impala
?07. Seventy Six f. Zeek Goody
?08. Cain & Able
?09. Art of War (Interlude)
?10. Oshun (Outro)
This project is like a smooth glass of whiskey. The harmony between him and this smooth like black noir movie type production is fantastic. This is something you’d imagine Young Denzel would play on his night off. The raps are here heavy, and they are deep, the messages the medicine its all here and to really bring them to life the skits incorporated with the music is something the masses aren’t ready for but lowkey feel. It feels sad and somber but also uplifting while still being realistic in a way. This one of those ones for Brothas that wear suits for most occasions and all got that AK Malcolm X poster somewhere in they living space. I loved the energy, its short too so you know we replaying it. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.


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