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River Rats – Moemaw Naedon & C.Scott

River Rats – Moemaw Naedon & C.Scott
River Rats – Moemaw Naedon & C.Scott
🌊01. The Pittsburgh Thrill (Intro)
🔥02. Awesome Environment
🌊03. Space Log
🌊04. Midnight Rapper (Interlude)
🚒05. Owls in the Sun (feat. JM the Poet)
🔥06. Summer in the Muck (feat. Dinosaur Burps)
🌊07. Where You Wander (Interlude)
🚒08. Frog Work (Instrumental)
🌊09. Scene Before
🔥10. Hardly New Havoc
🚒11. Off the Path (feat. E Da Sensei)
🌊12. Death Shot (feat. Brother Seamus)
🔥13. Weird Places Heavy Stories (Interlude)
🔥14. Ringing Bells
🌊15. Paragon of Angels
🔥16. P.K.E. (C.Scott Remix)
This project is thiiiiiiiick when it comes to bars and beat variety. The energy is a slow & steady build up but the lofi production mixed with the impeccable vernacular makes this rapper-producer collab very balanced & needed. The features do there best to contribute there energy and wit but for the most part C. Scott takes over the project like Kobe in the 4th. In conclusion, no matter how you feel about the sound of hip hop today, I reiterate, this project is well needed & well balanced.
8.5/10 – TR!P
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