Warriors Pride – Ghost Dog

Warriors Pride – Ghost Dog


Warriors Pride – Ghost Dog
?01. Golden Axe (feat. Sharp Cuts)
?02. Master Of Ceremonies
??03. Real Eyes
?04. The Hunted (feat. Prince Po)
?05. The Lost (feat. Deuce De Scriba & DJ Flash)
?06. Natives (feat. Citero & L. Jones)
?07. Napoleon (2 Complex)
??08. Sleep (feat. Dj Flash
?09. Nigga Moments (feat. Fonzi & Apostle AP)
?10. Next Steps (feat. Citero
?11. Water Under Bridges
?12. Time
?13. Third Degree Burn (feat. DJ Flash)
??14. Disrespect
??15. Love (Lulz)
This is a boom bap delight album and I was here for it. The pacing was a bit off putting but somehow it worked. The production was clean and the beats def reminded you of the early 90s era when the underground rappers just wanted to drop heavy knowledge in bars. The features all did they thing as well almost outshining GD. The only negative I could say were some of the hooks were lazy and bland other than that this is in rotation.
7.9/10 – LP


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