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Angels With Filthy Souls – Neno Black

Angels With Filthy Souls – Neno Black
Angels With Filthy Souls – Neno Black
🔥1. Filthy Souls
🌊2. Sweet Dreamz
🔥3. Angel #911
🌊4. The Art
🌊5. Light Work
🌊6. Frank Thomas
🌊7. Safe Talk
🌊8. Model X
Project slides. He got a cold grimey type voice and a golden era flow. He is nice, he rap raps even when hes flash rapping it just sounds cold, he got a bit of a Cassidy tint to his voice but don’t let Cassidy read this or hes gonna try to claim people still biting him and make a 7 minute outdated diss track. Production on this one slides it goes from gritty to smooth nicely and he raps accordingly. Pacing is solid, there is a slight theme but mostly just an excuse to rap rap, and he does that all on his own too. Some nice skits, short songs, all very solid. Felt like a complete thought but a throwaway like he just had to get it off his chest type thing to shake off rust. Quality is solid and its short so the replay value is here. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.
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