Storms Coming II – Rayne Storm

Storms Coming II – Rayne Storm


Storms Coming II – Rayne Storm
? 01. Storms Coming II Intro f. Joey Doe
??02. Still About The Benjamins f. Kid Poetry
?? 03. Automatic (Battle Remix) f. Soulebrity
? 04. Back Uptown Baby f. LoudPack Dash, Fever GT
? 05. No Tomorrow f. Streatz Murdah, Sunny Lucas
?? 06. Just Fire Freestyle
? 07. Kick Rocks Skit f. Joey Doe
? 08. Up 2 God
? 09. Take It Outside f. Jamal Skals
? 10. Fuck The Police (Ambitionz as a Ridah
? 11. Monopoly Interlude
? 12. Gettin’ Bizzy
?? 13. Much More f. Loudpack Dash
?? 14. Revolution f. Path P
? 15. 21′ Freestyle f. Big L
? 16. Scorchers f. ManKind
? 17. Magneto f. King F. Sorrow
? 18. Levels f. Dizzy $padez
?? 19. Up Up Away f. Roy Dean, Scribe The Verbalist
?? 20. My Salvation Pt. 2 f. Fr33 the Sinner, Vinchi
? 21. Storm Coming II Outro
This felt like that one time when all the homies you get money with came together & caught a real authentic vibe while Rayne Storm constructed his album around it. The mixing is “iight.” The mixing on a lot of the autotune was a lil much but I could see the direction. The lyrics are a bit the same throughout the project subject wise, nothing too deep, just the day to day experience of their perspective of life with some dope metaphors here & there. The production was…eh.. different. Sometimes that was good cause the flows made it make sense, sometimes it wasn’t hitting, lots of known sample flips & repetition. Speaking of “lots”, its a lot of tracks on this project, cut it in half & the project score would be higher for this one cause some got repetitive or didnt fit sonically. I cant say i didnt enjoy the variety though. With that said, I’d actually come back to the project just for the vibe of a couple tracks.
6/10 – T.R.3


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