Project X – Ken Car$on

Project X – Ken Car$on


Project X – Ken Car$on
? 01. Who’s Next
?? 02. Rock N Roll
? 03. Party All Day
? 04. Change
?? 05. Run + Ran
? 06. Shake
? 07. Hella
? 08. Clutch
? 09. Till I Die
? 10. Burning Up
? 11. So What
If autotune was a piece of gum, he had it in his mouth every song. The production was actually pretty good, so much so I forgot the producer wasn’t the artist in review. There’s no direction to the lyrics, just a good time. Felt like he was racing the beat to the finish line on most tracks but felt intentional a couple tracks in. All in all, it’s a collection of random fast paced vibes, catchy hooks from time to time with no real quotables, over Lil Uzi type beats about “turning up”. I’d only let this play once in my Uber before I ask to suggest otherwise.
4/10 – T.R.3


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