Bobby Tarantino III – Logic

Bobby Tarantino III – Logic


Bobby Tarantino III – Logic
?01. introll
??02. Vaccine
?03. Get Up
?04. My Way
?05. Call Me
?06. Inside f. Cynthia Erivo
?07. Flawless
?08. Stupid Skit
?09. Theme for the People
??10. God Might Judge
?11. See You Space Cowboy…
?12. untitled
If you scratch the hot kaka singing he starts off doing on this and all the pseudo chance the rapper I love my BM garbage off this, you have a solid project. Dope production, him fast rapping or smooth rapping to just rhyme words and sometimes having something to say is here, his voice cadence and such is cool but he highkey sounds like someone who has mastered freestyling for long periods of time with no substance, but to give the illusion of it he mentions something that recently happened to him, example his kid from his bm. Its not bad some of it you can take with you but its not something to attach to or replay on its own, you gotta mix some of these in with other things so you don’t bore yourself to death. Its a toss up the quality is up there too so its hard to really figure out if this is dope or just ok.
6/10 – John D.


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