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Flights EP – D1C3 & Prophetnyc

Flights EP – D1C3 & Prophetnyc
Flights EP – D1C3 & Prophetnyc
😴 01. Way Up
🆗 02. Your Love
🆗 03. High Right Now
🆗 04. Flights f. Anna Mayo
If “out” & “dated” did a collab project, this is it. Now, these guys can actually rap, just feels like a very rookie attempt all the way around. Production was on 08 Drake status & the mix didn’t do it justice. The lyrics actually have substance but without the other elements blending well it was challenging to the message, no matter how much conviction in the voice. Honestly liked the feature track the most even though her voice wasn’t as strong as it could have been, mix or performance wise, but I understood the direction. I can say, emotionally, this project is felt, but on a very cult like perspective due to everything else we have to bi pass. With that said, I’d probably enjoy a couple of these performed live cause they would hit different than the tracks do.
4/10 – T.R.3
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