Blight – Tech N9ne & HU$H

Blight – Tech N9ne & HU$H


Blight – Tech N9ne & HU$H
?1. Let Lost Happen
?2. Noise Baby
?3. Move Back Right Now
?4. Smiley
?5. Wear U Down
?6. 41 Days
?7. Suffering
Off rip you will think “oh this white people shit” and it 1000000% is that. This a rap rock dubsteb project. Its got all three of those things just weaving in and out of each other like white female MMA fighter braids. I rocked with it, it not only made me wanna play video games based in cyberpunk wastelands it made me wanna infuse patches of leather on all of my fits. This project can go with any anime fight, matrix movie, or in the headphones of any black kid at a gaming tournament with no shape up. Here for it, I was here for it, something I wouldnt mind just bumping while im home but never in public unless its type low and my windows up. Very solid very different and honestly if you listen to Tech you knew this was bound to happen. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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