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Real Late – Peter Rosenberg

Real Late – Peter Rosenberg
Real Late – Peter Rosenberg
🚒 01. Real Late (ft. Vel The Wonder)
🔥 02. Stain (ft. Westside Gunn)
🚒 03. S.R.D. (ft. Styles P, Ransom & Smoke DZA)
🔥 04. Marcus Smart (ft. Flee Lord & Stove God Cooks)
🔥 05. Hallways (ft. Roc Marciano & Flee Lord)
🔥 06. Mind Over Matter (ft. Jay Nice & Eto)
🚒 07. Next Chamber (ft. Method Man, Willie the Kid & Raekwon)
🔥 08. Words of Meyhem (ft. Meyhem Lauren)
🔥 09. Snake Eyes (ft. Ghostface Killah, Crimeapple & Jim Jones)
🔥 10. Midnight Sunday (ft. Rasheed Chappell)
🚒 11. Wu Generation (ft. 2nd Generation Wu)
🔥 12. I Want It All (ft. Fly Anakin & Nickelus F)
🔥 13. Dear (ft. Homeboy Sandman)
One thing has always been a fact; Rosenberg knows hip-hop. So it’s only right that he drops a dope project with some of the dopest artists spittin. Everybody on this project came to snap as if they all had something to prove to us, and it was over fire production the whole way through. Rosenberg can easily be the DJ Khaled of real hip-hop if he keeps dropping projects like these, and I use that term lightly cause Khaled is corny so I mean that in all forms of respect. My point is: Rosenberg can put the illest artists over the illest production for fans of the illest and purest forms of hip-hop rather than bubble gum pop rap; he’s respected and trusted like that because he knows hip-hop, and that is what hip-hop needs. Salute to Rosenberg.
9/10 – D.
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