Culture War – the Marine Rapper

Culture War – the Marine Rapper


Culture War – the Marine Rapper
??01. Mount Vetmore Intro f. Jack Mandaville
?02. Holy War
?03. Ban Tha Brothas f. Topher
?04. Hollywood f. Mat Best, Mbest11x & Hollywood Cobain
?05. Enemy Lines f. KillWill
?06. Freedom Fest f. Hi-Rez & Topher
?07. Write or Wrong Interlude f. Zachary Bell
?08. World War Cypher f. Ikan Dakai, King Moe, Dré Benjie, B.Y.G, The MSB, Nvy Jonez Lkr, Factor 50, Anna Oakley, D.Cure, Ninja Punch & Military Musician
?09. Heaven Or Hell
?10. Image of God f. Trevor Wesley
?11. Jillian f. Savannah Rae & Lady Rev
?12. Lead the Way f. KillWill, Kelvin J., Tyson James & Bryson Gray
Project is a good time. It has hints of and stuff that heavily reflect his america’ness but mostly its just good music. You have aggressive like Strange music, hopsin, token type hip hop, then you have some dope new age, then some powerful like dramatic type stuff with dope raps and features getting they hook sang on adding really dope layers to this. The features are all over this honestly and none of them really slack like they were very glad to get on this project. He does his thing with them and it works, hes nice he can rap and he mixes it up too lots of flows and switchups best way to describe it is modern because its a nice mix of old and new schools sound wise etc. Pacing is dope, the quality is very clean, its a dope project, its as complete as you can get it. His name and some of the things he touched on def makes me want a very real more personal project but this is enough to drive around with. In rotation for sure.
7.5/10 – John D.


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