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Where the River Meets the Sea – Apathy

Where the River Meets the Sea – Apathy
🎬01. Headwater
🔥02. Where the River Meets the Sea (ft. Bennett)
🚒03. The Ocean
🔥04. Jonathan Livingston Seagull (ft. Brevi)
🚒05. We Don’t F**k Around
🔥06. P.S.E. (ft. Styles P & Lil Fame)
🔥07. Underwater (ft. Anoyd, Chris Webby & Brevi)
🔥08. River of Light
🔥09. Force Fields (ft. Pep Love & Tajai)
💎10. A Rainy Day in Connecticut
🚒11. Mermaid Music
🚒12. Dream Sequence (ft. Snak the Ripper & Bennett)
💎13. Remember the Night (ft. Hayze)
🎬14. The Mouth
Apathy snapped on this project, and everybody he brought onto it went off the way they needed to. The lyrics, delivery, production, quality; everything was pure dope. Track 13 may be my favorite song of 2021 so far. In my opinion, Apathy has nothing to prove as a lyricist, but he went off as if everything was on the line, and I’m not mad at it because this project is a gem. Whole thing on repeat.
10/10 – D.
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