Moving Out – J. Faith

Moving Out – J. Faith


Moving Out – J. Faith
?01. Intro
?02. NSFW (No Sale, Freedom Writers) f. Th30ry
?03. Outside f. Iamsoloco
?04. Horizon
?05. Fight
?06. Around the Corner f. Iamsoloco
?07. In My Lap
?08. Don’t Try, Just Do f. Hero the Emcee
?09. Wassup
??10. Gettin’ Right
?11. To Be Fair
?12. Check It Out f. Lyfe, Ethyric & Just for Kicks
?13. One Shot
?14. One Day f. Kemic
?15. Moving Out
Project is smooth. Highkey for the entirety of this project I thought this was the good side of a white boy summer, I thought homie was the answer to racism but then when I googled him for the album art, I peeped he is a person of seasoning. No disrespect just gotta call it like I hear it, for a person of seasoning his raps are single dipped lightly fried, and served with greens. Its good for you and not that binge junkie shit that we normally fiend for. Its solid, the production was dope, the messages this project is loaded with is solid, got some ok hooks, some got a lil corny, some dope features that matched up or even made the songs a lil better, the pacing was solid honestly its not bad at all. I was into it, I think this coulda be brought to a new level with some more engineer love but overall dope, he sound like he heard Hopsin, and built his style off him and then realized it wasnt it and switched it up. In rotation.
7.8/10 – John D.


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