Demonz N My Bleep – A-Wax

Demonz N My Bleep – A-Wax


Demonz N My Bleep – A-Wax
?01. All I Got (f. E-Bang & Trife Gang Rich)
?02. Shit I Did (f. GMEBE Bandz)
?03. Mausoleum (f. Ralow)
?04. Negative Energy
?05. Hell 2 Pay (f. Trife Gang Rich)
?06. Cujo
?07. Holy Water (f. Ralow)
?08. Gang Shit (f. C.M.L.)
?09. Sucka Side (f. Mari 600, Ralow & A-Wax)
?10. Call It What You Want
?11. Foreign Exchange
?12. The Bag (f. E-Bangs)
?13. Sympathize
?14. Nuke Codes
?15. Come Down (f. Analise)
?16. Sum It Up (f. C.M.L.)
?17. Fa Real (f. Benji Glo & GMEBE Bandz)
?18. Pick Yo Mans Up (f. Ralow)
?19. Samurai (f. Mari 600)
?20. Don’t Give a F**k (f. KhMarTay)
Ok so this project was way too long. If you put out tracks 14-20 as it’s own EP you’d have a dope project, but a lot of these other tracks were just not that good. Those other records prove that your capable of doing very dope music; now you just gotta stay in that pocket. The production was hit and miss, the lyrics were good when you tried, the delivery was good when you tried. The features except for the last 2 tracks could have been left off. Last two tracks were very dope. Drop a shorter project next time and stay in the pocket you were in towards the end of this album. Track 20 will go on my daily playlist.
6/10 – D


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