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Racism – Griot B

Racism – Griot B
Racism – Griot B
🌊01. The Race
🌊02. The Roof
🌊03. Redline
🔥04. Blockbuster
🔥05. Gentrification
🔥06. Super Karen
🔥07. Set Up
🔥08. Justiceposition
🌊09. Picnic
🔥10. Freedom Papers
🌊11. Mask On
🚒12. 200 Seconds
🔥13. Carlton
🔥14. Black Jesus
🌊15. White Privilege/Terrorist
This project is like watching that central park five netflix special, and then researching it and watching the documentary after. This project is uncomfortable, this project is relevant, this project is a must listen. My only issue with this project is it sounds very Midwest to me, He sounded like a no frills Tech, and some of the beats and hooks werent nearly as powerful as what was happening. He had some stiff delivery at times but overall the message of this project is a 💎. All through one listen not only was I educated, I felt helpless, I felt scared, and I felt very grateful and uplifted all at the same time. We live in a scary world. Everyone should listen to this, and if you feel the need to nitpick or challenge what hes spitting, then you are a racist and should kill yourself.
8/10 – John D.
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