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The Way – Highway

The Way – Highway
The Way – Highway
💩01. Cheesecake
💩02. Cash Shit
💩03. Go Home
💩04. Issues
😴05. Wait Up
🚮06. Choose
💩07. Having My Way
💩08. Last Man Standing
🚮09. Another Plane
💩10. Fight Them Drugs
💩11. Deal
💩12. Pint, Pt. 2
I was on my way to work while listening to this and suddenly got the urge to call out of work. So I nonchalantly turned my car around (on the same side of the highway) and tried to run my car into oncoming traffic the whole way home. That didn’t work. So I got home, walked upstairs, and threw myself out of my second story bedroom window. That didn’t work either. So I did it again. I will continue doing that until I die, all because of having to listen to this. Leave me alone, I don’t want to talk to anybody anymore.
0/10 – D.
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