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Nut on Nut – Lil Nut

Nut on Nut – Lil Nut
Nut on Nut – Lil Nut
😆1. Child Labor Type Beat
🚮2. Let’s Gooooo 😅
🚛3. DaBeans
🗑4. Fortnite Among Us Reddit
👍🏾5. F**k You Mom!🤣
💩6. Piss & Shit Interlude
👎🏾7. Cum In My Sock f. 💩Apocalypse
Track 7 wouldve been ok if that buns ass feature wasnt on it. This project is sometimes funny but mostly annoying. Same energy as playing solo on any online multiplayer game right now. Its kids just being mad annoying and no matter what you do or say it doesnt penetrate. Some things should work, some focus on pop culture garbage or making fun of things that are in now couldve been better with more focus but its allot of just random with some inside jokes. Project is for kids who only eat processed foods. If 1 element was done with some sort of love or care then it would go a long way. Play lets go for people but outside of that the rest is toilet water.
.5/10 – John D.
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