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It Wasn’t Easy – HesDandy

It Wasn’t Easy – HesDandy

It Wasn’t Easy – HesDandy

💤1. Wasn’t Easy
🌊2. Came Bacc
🌊3. Chains
😴4. Anybody
🆗5. Burberry Curtains f. 🌊Rico Bando
👍🏾6. You Should See f. Ceo
😴7. I Am
👎🏾8. L.I.T

Project had a bit of potential but overall was not it. Some moments you can hear the music clicking but it was mostly on some cookie cutter wave type new age. Even comparing it in that field its barely above average in that sense. Production was solid and the features seemed to be more experienced in this field but he himself didnt really shine. Nothing was interesting enough to care, not even switchups, engineer secured a bag, and its clear that this was made for cats who strategized rotating the same 3 fits for most of they highschool career. Just like them old kicks this project needs that throwaway toothbrush and some polish.
4/10 – John D.

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