4 Fo 4 EP – Woo Dinero

4 Fo 4 EP – Woo Dinero


4 Fo 4 EP – Woo Dinero
?/??1. KILL BILL f. Young Flexx
??2. Dinero Forever
?3. Wavy Baby
??4. 4 Da Ppl
Track 3 is 3 minutes of this dude autotuning sad dog thoughts. This project is ass. The ideas are here but the mix is not doing it justice. This screams “I can do the new age stuff”. It sucks mostly because he has moments where he can string together words but thats really it, the bars don’t lift, the singing isnt bland, the production is cool but he takes you way out of it. He tries his hand at some melodies but none of it is enough to save this. Put this bad boy in a barrel with some tissue or newspaper and let it provide heat for the less fortunate.
1/10 – John D.


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