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PLAYBOY – Tory Lanez

PLAYBOY – Tory Lanez
PLAYBOY – Tory Lanez
🔥01. And This is Just the Intro
🚒02. Extravagant B******t//Nunchucks
🔥03. H.E.R.//Are You Dumb
🔥04. Distance
🔥05. …The Make Up
🔥06. Lady of Neptune
🔥07. Feels f. Chris Brown
🔥08. Deceiving Eve
🔥09. Y.D.L.R.
🚒10. The Serve (It) Anthem
🔥11. Shooby Doowoop//One Last Heartbreak
🚒12. Don’t Walk Away
Project is truly toxic. If you are looking for a step by step on not only wasting her time but giving her a hard time while making her come back, this is the anarchist cookbook of that shit. Its great because he recruited the toxic high priest as a feature. This entire project also slaps. This is a perfect mix of old and new R&B and just good mood vibes. Like this was made to cry to, to crush cheeks to, and to put very bad thoughts in both parties minds. Project is for cats who are never at fault but post memes about being a scumbag in they IG stories. This dangerous because a non covid summer looking real righteous right now. City Boys up with this one and no tik-tok dances gonna change that. In rotation.
9/10 – John D.
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