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I’ma Die a King – Flash

I’ma Die a King – Flash
I’ma Die a King – Flash
🔥1. I’ma Die a King
🚒2. Where U Belong
🚒3. Legendary
🚒4. Just Another Body
🚒5. A Few Good Men
🔥6. F.I.T. (Flash Inno Tek)
🔥7. I Move Different
🔥8. Fist Up (Remix)
🌊9. My Everything
This project was made for oldheads that rock silk. I fucked with this heavy, like this aint kengol teach you lessons raps, this is “aye I used to know ya momma back in the day” draped in full fur or jewelry raps, sprinkled in with some “I used to knock niggas out” raps. Love it. The production, the raps, the features, all of it is a fucking energy. This aint music you listen to before you get rowdy, this is the type of stuff you turn on after inviting people over to celebrate knocking out a cop who was man enough to run a fair one. Street motivation music that stays in the street. Aggressively in rotation.
9.3/10 – John D.
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