Nostalgia – Caleb McCleney

Nostalgia – Caleb McCleney


Nostalgia – Caleb McCleney
?01. Through the Darkness (Act I)
?02. Anxiety (hook was rough)
?03. Crusing
?/?04. Life / Let Go f. Breana Marin
?05. Innermission
?06. Mi Casa (Act II)
?‍?07. Heavenly Sign (Interlude)
?08. Nostalgia
?09. Dementia
?10. Beautiful Dreamer
Project is very solid. There is allot of heart, emotion and real in this project. The message, the memories, the picture was painted very clearly. I appreciated how much I could hear going into this, and honestly its something artists are afraid to do. That being said I also could hear the ambition for sure, there are some things that he tried that might not have even been in his bag and didnt land well but now he has a solid foundation to work with. The production was dope, features were cool but they didnt stand out too much, some of the singing was a bit off or needed more engineer love which took away some valuable points but otherwise its clean and its quality. Something to be proud of but also something to build off of. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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