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You’re Going To Be Fine – 5AM

You’re Going To Be Fine – 5AM
You’re Going To Be Fine – 5AM
🔥01. Quiet Thoughts
🌊02. Falsetto
🆗03. Automatic
🔥04. Pull Up
🌊05. Track Meet
👍06. Heartbreaker
🌊07. Milan (Interlude)
😴08. Meet Me
🚒09. Answer Me
🌊10. Body Rock (f. Static Major)
🆗11. DND
This project was done very very well. The production was haunting and perfect for this project. The engineering is clean. A lot of artists odee on the auto tune and others do it so well that it doesn’t matter; this is a great example of doing it well. The vibes are strong, and he gave off some strong The Weeknd, Juice Wrld, Saint Jhn vibes. That’s a good thing. The songs weren’t too long and that built heavy replay value. I’ll have a few songs off of here on my daily playlist for a while.
8/10 – D
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