Crazy – Clever

Crazy – Clever


Crazy – Clever
?01. July
?02. Use Again
?03. In My Ear
?04. Call Me Nobody f. Lil Wayne & Isaiah Lyric
?05. Everything Beautiful
?06. Way Out
?07. Rolls Royce Umbrella f. Chris Brown
?08. Life’s a Mess II f. Juice WRLD
?09. 99
?10. Dreams
?11. It’s All Bad
?12. Skittles f. Lil Baby
?13. Alive (Bruh this track 24 minutes) second half starts at 20 minutes on the dot. The rest is empty space.
Post Malone Seltzer. Low Calorie. 0 grams of sugar. No Frills. Project is solid tho, I could do without the forced slurs and mumble singing but its not bad. I lowkey love all the shit hes singing about, its just he has one vibe and its highkey one big song with features. The features for the most part add the most variety and contrast which make those songs seem better than the rest even if they are that same vibe. If you tryna be on some “I am a dark person” vibes, or you havent showered in days even when this covid stuff passes this project is for you. Not bad at all super solid, just could use some variety sometimes to spice things up.
7/10 – John D.


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