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Love 2 Hate Me – PRXJEK

Love 2 Hate Me – PRXJEK
Love 2 Hate Me – PRXJEK
🌊01. Intro
🌊02. My Flow Like
🌊03. Sauce
👍🏾04. Equilibrium
🌊05. Ohmangoddamnjekster 2
🌊06. Why Can’t Nothing Seem To Ever Go Right?
👍🏾07. I Like Being Alone
🔥08. All Dogs Go To Heaven
🌊09. Fly Away (Liz’s Song)
🆗10. Where the F**k Is God 2
👍🏾11. Y’all Boring
💤12. Switch
👎🏾13. Break Your F*****g Neck In the Mosh
💤14. Hate Me
👎🏾15. Faceplant 2
This that shit that plays in any movie from the 2000’s goth club. Like when this turns on you know blade is gonna drop in and catch bodies. He rap like hopsin if he was more white. Its solid he sliding on these wild beats for the most part, sometimes he dives into the raps fast to rap fast flow but when he bounces its solid. He sounds young so the quality he has achieved is impressive (if hes young). It hits this like emo pop punk ish new age type point at the middle which really worked with what he was doing but the overaggressive stuff was type corny. The variety was a pleasant switchup. Content solid too simple but holds some weight when compared to the new age world. Not bad at all. In rotation for most of the tracks.
6.8/10 – John D.
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