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PSYCHO (Legally Insane) EP – Smokepurpp

PSYCHO (Legally Insane) EP – Smokepurpp
PSYCHO (Legally Insane) EP – Smokepurpp
👍🏾1. Prom Queen
🌊2. We Outside f. Lil Mosey
👍🏾3. 200 Thou
🗑4. Rockstar
🚮5. What You Wanna Do
🚛6. Tic Tac
Project is clean. Other than it being mixed very well and the beats being solid everything else is mediocre and boring. Lil mosey made the song he was on better. Purp rapping was reggies, and honestly anyone coudlve made this better by having a fraction of hunger or somewhat talent. He just did some corny shit and has enough money to make everything around it sound clean, even the unnecessary autotune used on him sometimes was done right. Its wack because the way the production kicked in I thought maybe he wants to show people he can rap. He cannot. New age, industry clone cookie cutter trash tryna be eDgY. Pvss on this one or Pxss however the stupid ass kids would spell it.
3/10 – John D.
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