heartbreak hotel – Phora

heartbreak hotel – Phora


heartbreak hotel – Phora
?1. colorblind
?2. Loaded Gun
?3. im scared of falling in love
?4. damaged inside
?5. room 427
?6. the art of letting f. Destiny Rogers
?7. where do we go when there’s nothing left?
This is sad boy music at a very high level. To the point where making this changed his lightskin tone to its lightest form called Sammy Sosa now. The production top tier, the feature, fire, the vibe, fire, the content super fire for peoples hearts and lastly this dude singing rapping and just vibing on it really brings it home. I was here for all of it. The lofi the sadness the emotions the tone he delivered everything, this is one for young and old boys to rejoice to in darkness as far away from human contact and light as possible. In ALL THE ROTATIONS.
9.5/10 – John D.


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