Crystal’s Son – Dontaviou$

Crystal’s Son – Dontaviou$


Crystal’s Son – Dontaviou$
?01. Crystal’s Son
??02. New Attitude f. $hawn J (Mix is rough)
?03. Let’s Talk About It
??04. On My Mind
?05. Vent Session
?06. It Was an Honor f. AzlCeeJay
?07. College Girl f. Kwala Deville
?08. Ludacris
??09. Greatest of All Time (Mix is rough)
?10. Farewell
?11. Calling It Quits
?12. Give Thanks
?13. Goodfellas f. Hxnt
?14. Broken Home
?15. Rolexes in Heaven
??16. Fantasy f. KobeKo
The production on here made it for me. It was so dope, very new age, experimental but had some throwback samples which kept me vibing. Allot of the mixing was inconsistent and it really showed sometimes to the point where it threw me off. He rapping tho. I like the message very positive for the most part, smooth, allot of singing which im not mad at he was swinging in all directions, features too. His rap style was highkey aggressive and didn’t always blend well with the production but it didn’t ruin much, might’ve taken a few ratings away tho. Cut out a few of the more extra bubble gum tracks on this and you got a super dope album. Its solid for sure tho. In rotation. Also shout out to mama love!
7.3/10 – John D.


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