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Don’t Be Nice – Lewis M.

Don’t Be Nice – Lewis M.

Don’t Be Nice – Lewis M.

🌊01. Pre-Post-Apocalyptic Music
🌊02. Feathers & Smoke
🌊03. Diagnosis f. Jesse the Tree
🔥04. Get a Job f. Slitty Wrists
🌊05. Chasing Echoes f. Sly Quixote
🌊06. Underwater
🔥07. Godzilla on a Leash f. SeanDizzyBlade & 😴Drent
🌊08. Ribeye f. Brandie Blaze
🌊09. Seasons f. SublimeLuv
🌊10. Air f. Steph
🔥11. Bob Ross
🔥12. Trust Fall f. Amanda Shea & Jess the Tree
🔥13. Love the Ugly f. Streia
🔥14. Hands Up (Second verse is FAXXXX)
🔥15. Mantra

Project is nice. So smooth. So heavy in content. I rocked with the entire vision. Its a complete vision. Like jumping into a book but not one made to appeal to everyone. A book that is here to challenge you, make you uncomfortable but also give you peace of mind. He is rapping his ass off front to back, lets get that straight, dropping gems, all over. The features showed up and did what they had to but its his project, they were guests. The production was right there with him, it was super dope and unique. It all felt complete, it connected the skits were dope the little beat segments after tracks, I was here for it all. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.

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