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Blvckout II EP – Rapture Muziq

Blvckout II EP – Rapture Muziq

Blvckout II EP – Rapture Muziq

🔥1. Drinking Alone f. 🚒Millie Knight
🔥2. Sms
🔥3. Solitaire f. Ormay
🔥4. Miles Away
🔥5. Keep the Faith

This five piece is super dope. The one thing I think that people will have trouble digesting is homies accent but other than that this shit slaps. He is rapping his content is here, hes switching up his flow, he even singing a lil bit. It all works, the production is very very very very dope, high quality. The mix is super clean, the hooks work, the features overshined. Its dope man nice pacing, dope vibes, all sorts of emotion. I thoroughly enjoyed myself with this one. Some things I really had to zone in to catch what he was saying but outside of that this project had allot of love and heart. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.



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